Established in 2016 to help local veterans with benefits provided by governmental agencies, private corporations and individuals that want to help veterans.

Our core mission is to accomplish the following objectives for veterans in Thurston County:
1) Educating veterans concerning the assistance programs that they have earned by virtue of their service in the military.
2) Coordinate with service providers to ensure that veterans have access to assistance programs provided at all levels of government and by private organizations.
3) Reducing barriers to veterans seeking assistance programs.


Present Direction for TCVS
2017 was a great year for TCVS, board of directors doubled in size to reach 10 members and after reviewing the existing veteran programs in our county we found that Thurston County Veterans Court program needed support. We decided that by providing assistance to the Veterans Court Program we’ll be meeting two of our primary missions – removing barriers for veterans and coordinating with existing programs in the area.

Thurston County Veterans Court Program was established in 2008 to assist veterans or active duty service-members with certain types of criminal offenses to complete a court supervised treatment and return to society without convictions.
The voluntary 18-24 months program involves ongoing judicial supervision and intensive monitoring with input from a multi-disciplinary team of professionals led by the judge.


Read Thurston Talk article on “Helping Veterans in Need” and find out a little bit more why and how we support our local Veterans.

Here is “Shane’s Story” a veteran that successfully completed the Veterans Court and became a mentor for the program. See why we believe our Veterans deserve a second chance.

Memorial Day Tribute to Veterans held at “Woodlawn Funeral Home and Cemetery” in Lacey proudly invited Judge Brett Buckley to speak about the Thurston County Veterans Court.

2018 TCVS goal is to raise $15,000. This will allow us to provide support for 10-15 attendees of the Veterans Court program. So far we’ve achieved just over 20% of our goal by the end of May 2018. We had a fast response from our community to our request to help. Rotary groups, McDonald, private donors and Board members of TCVS have contributed to raise more than $3,000. We thank all of you for your support and we are looking forward to establish a strong foundation for our organization. With 12 members in our Board of directors we are able now to have the much needed TCVS representation and leadership.

June 6th TCVS and McDonalds in Tumwater held a 2 hours fundraiser where McDonalds gave 50% of the sales to TCVS and we raised $1,502 – that’s 10% of our goal for this year. A big thank you to Laurie Berryman the owner of Tumwater McDonalds store and our latest addition to the board of directors that made this fundraiser possible.